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Packing Requirements

We can pack all of the boxes for you or you are welcome to pack them yourself. Interstate Vanlinesoffer a full packing service to make your house move even easier. Our removalists can provide a wide range of packing materials and pack the entire contents of your home in preparation for the move.

Why not have Interstate Vanlines do it all?

Like it or not, we are living in a time where most of us are time poor. Long hours at the office, small children at home, or even a busy social calendar means that you could use a little extra help with your move. Imagine how nice it would be to arrive at your new residence with all your items smugly waiting for you! Of course, for the type A personalities out there, we can always help with just the packing. Interstate Vanlines packing artists are thoroughly trained – they wrap items thoroughly and carefully before thoughtfully packing and labelling boxes.

Packing charges are as follows:

$25.00 – T-chest Boxes

$20.00 – Book & Wine Boxes

$15.00 – Picture Cartons

$20.00 – Mattress / Lounge Wraps

The above prices are “Per Box/each” and include the cost of the box, all packing materials and labour to pack. Including GST.

Our professional furniture removalist packers provide a superior service, so if you prefer, just leave this job to us, we will arrive at your residence at the agreed time and get the job done quickly. Whether you want us to safely pack everything in your home or just selected items, we can save you time and effort. In fact, we can help ensure that all your furniture reaches your new home safely, no matter what its size, shape, or form. It’s all about professionalism and making moving simple and convenient for you.

Or if you would like to do the packing yourself – Here are a few tips to help you out …

At Interstate Vanlines Australia

For your convenience and to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, we have put together a quick list of packing requirements which should be taken into consideration when packing up your house ready for collection day.

A few simple rules:

  • Anything that can go in a box, or if came in a box when you purchased it, should go in a box for your move.
  • Anything that can be dismantled, or came flat packed when you purchased it, should be dismantled and flat packed for your move.
  • Don’t move everything into your front door way. When the removalists arrive, they need room to move and will usually start with the larger heavier items first.
  • When packing boxes, put packed boxes in the garage or select one room to put all the boxes in. This keeps them out of the way when carrying furniture through your house to the truck.

Moving Boxes:

  • Use proper moving boxes. Proper moving & storage boxes are designed to handle the weight of being stacked on top of each other whilst packed with household contents and travelling inside a truck over Australia’s rough roads and highways.
  • Fruit boxes, beer cartons and supermarket boxes are not built for transporting household items and can crush when stacked.
  • Label your boxes with your name, contact number and delivery destination.
  • Boxes should not exceed 25kg each (do not fill large boxes with books).
  • Plastic Tubs and Storage containers tend to crack and break when travelling along our bumpy roads, and they don’t stack well in the truck. Please don’t use them.
  • Stripy bags sometimes burst at the seams and tear. Stick to using boxes which also stack better in the truck.

Proper moving boxes can be purchased from your local storage facility. To find your local storage facility try Compare Storage.

Perhaps you only need us to help you finish the task of packing before the big day. We can supply our dedicated staff to assist by finishing packing for you and finalise any other preparations that we can assist with prior to moving.